terms and conditions.
Car hire

Whenever possible MINI Emergency Service will attempt to provide you with a replacement vehicle from the repairing Authorised MINI Centre or MINI Service Authorised Workshop. If we are unable to do so then a vehicle will be sourced through one of the major vehicle rental companies. Under any circumstances you must be able to comply with their conditions of hire.

You will be responsible for any fuel costs incurred during the period of hire. Certain endorsements on your licence may prejudice your eligibility to hire a vehicle. Insurance requirements stipulate that you must have held a full UK driving licence for a minimum of 12 months.

Release fees

Should your vehicle be stolen and subsequently recovered by the police, you may be asked to pay a release fee before we can remove your vehicle to an Authorised MINI Centre or MINI Service Authorised Workshop or to your home address. Although we can arrange to guarantee these costs on your behalf, the payment of such fees is your responsibility.

Specialist charges

In the event that the use of specialist equipment is required to provide assistance when your vehicle has, for example, left the highway, is in a ditch, is standing on soft ground, sand, shingle, stuck in water or snow or has been immobilised by the removal of its wheels, we will arrange recovery but you will be responsible for the costs. The costs may be refundable under the terms of your motor insurance policy.

Adverse weather conditions

On those occasions when we experience adverse weather conditions, such as high winds, snow, floods, etc, external resources maybe stretched and some operations become physically impossible until the weather improves. At such times, our priority is to ensure that you and your passengers are taken to a place of safety and so the recovery of your vehicle may not be possible until weather conditions permit.

Punctures – Mobility System

Should you experience a puncture and your vehicle is equipped with a Mobility System, details regarding its operation can be found in your owner’s handbook or on the device itself. Alternatively, we will be happy to explain how the system works to help you carry out a temporary repair and resume your journey.

Lock out/lost keys

Whilst we will always endeavour to provide assistance by the most practical method should you be unable to gain entry to your vehicle, modern security systems make it extremely difficult for this to be achieved should spare keys not be available. If a forced entry is required, you will be asked to sign a declaration stating that you have given permission for this to take place and that any costs for resultant damage will be your sole responsibility.

Incorrect Fuel

If your vehicle is immobilised as a result of refuelling with incorrect fuel, we will pay for the cost of recovering your vehicle to the nearest Authorised MINI Centre or MINI Service Authorised Workshop. The additional benefits detailed in this document will not be provided in the event of refuelling with incorrect fuel.

Validity – Continental European Cover only

This service is only available for travel not exceeding 91 days in any single trip.

Repatriation – Continental European Cover only

If your vehicle has to be repatriated from Europe, you should ensure that any items of value are removed. You will be asked to provide MINI Emergency Service with a signed inventory of any items left in your vehicle. Neither MINI Emergency Service nor its agents accept any liability for the subsequent loss of or damage to any items not declared on this inventory.

Autoroute Restrictions – Continental European Cover only

If assistance is required on a French autoroute, and certain autoroutes in some other European countries, you must use the official SOS boxes at the side of the road in order to arrange initial recovery. You will be connected to the authorised motorway assistance service because the roads are privatised and we are prevented from assisting on them. You should contact MINI Emergency Service at the earliest opportunity so that we can arrange for the most appropriate assistance once your vehicle has been recovered from the autoroute.


Costs incurred for recovery from the autoroute should be claimed back from MINI Emergency Service.


Exclusions relating to MINI Emergency Service.

We will not pay for:


• Any expenses incurred without the prior authorisation of MINI Emergency Service.

• Expenses which would normally have been payable by you, such as fuel and toll charges.

• The cost of replacement parts.
• Any costs resulting from participation in motor racing, rallies, speed or duration tests.

• Any costs resulting from your vehicle being kept in an unroadworthy condition or not being serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. If, in the opinion of MINI Emergency Service, we believe that a recurring fault is due to poor maintenance of your vehicle, we reserve the right to request proof of servicing and to specify immediate recovery to an Authorised MINI Centre or MINI Service Authorised Workshop.
• Any costs as a result of your participation in a criminal act or offence.

• Any costs as a result of your being under the influence of intoxicating liquor, solvent abuse or drugs.

• Any claim resulting from participation in winter sports.

• Any expenses which could be recovered under a reciprocal agreement between the British or Republic of Ireland Government and any other Government.